Our New Jersey video conference facility is conveniently located in Central New Jersey at the confluence of major auto routes 1 & 9 , The Garden State Parkway and The New Jersey Turnpike.
To accommodate our international clients, we are available 24/7 upon request.
We have one room dedicated to video conferences with IP connectivity and bridging capability. Our VC room is equipped with a PolyCom Group Series 500 Telepresence camera and 60” Samsung wall-mounted HDTV flat screens with HDMI Connectivity for Laptops and other devices.
We offer Ethernet and high-speed wireless internet connection, PowerPoint with People+Content capability in the facility. At all times we have an on-site technical person.

Why Us ?

Many public video conferencing facilities are meeting rooms in serviced offices, hotels or conference centers, just offering video conferencing as an option. In comparison, we are a dedicated room, built and run specifically to provide a reliable and high-quality video conferencing experience.
Our facility provides a reliable and high-quality video conferencing endpoint. However there are many kinds of endpoints at the other end, some unused for years or with no technical people to operate them. Our experienced on-site support staff  will deal with the unexpected problems. Just turn up and we will do the rest.
Video conferencing equipment is expensive, and therefore upgrading it makes sense only if it’s used heavily. Out of date or low-end systems cannot support high-quality video and audio, and are not as compatible with other makes and models.
Clear sound is the key for successful communication.  Our microphones are fine tuned for the room acoustics with noise cancellation.
At  our facility your videoconference can include: presentation from your laptop, connection to more than one remote location, addition of telephone participants, and more…
Downsides with other facilities can include distracting noise from the street or hallways, an environment that is too hot or cold, uncomfortable chairs. Comfortable participants can focus on the task and come across better on camera.
Remote locations can be in various time zones, requiring meeting times outside US working hours. Getting to our facility in Woodbridge NJ is simple as we are easily accessible from major routes like The garden State Parkway, The NJ Turnpike, Routes one and nine, and three miles from Highway 287.

Common Uses

Job interviews
Our facility is designed to show position seekers in the best light to their prospective employers all around the world. With high quality audio, high definition video and a comfortable air conditioned environment, employers can get a clear view of their prospective team members while job seekers can better understand their potential working environment and culture.
Board meetings
Many companies use video conferencing on a regular basis to allow their board members in one geographic location to join board meetings held in remote locations. Clients report that avoiding jet lag makes participation much more efficient, not to mention the cost and time savings. More than one location can be added to the meeting or it can be broadcast to online viewers.
Sales pitches
Clients use our facility to present their products and services. We have a range of options such as laptop presentation, document camera, and electronic whiteboard . DVD and cloud recordings can be made to review the sales pitch and the client’s reaction.
Project briefings
Flying a team to a client’s location to update them on the progress of a project and to receive their feedback can be costly and introduce project delays. Our facility provides a productive environment to accomplish this with all the presentation options available in a face-to-face meeting, as well as the option of a DVD  or cloud recording of the meeting and the client’s response.
Legal proceedings
Courts and legal firms use our facility to connect with their clients, witnesses and expert witnesses remotely. Our systems are compatible with court systems, lines can be encrypted and full confidentiality is guaranteed. We have a bible on request and the meeting can be either recorded on a DVD, in the cloud or a professional videographer can be arranged to produce a record in accordance with US regulations. A stenographer can be arranged if required.
Keynote speakers
The speaker may not be able to take time off to travel to an event. Travel document requirements may introduce delays, or organizers may wish to emphasize this environmentally friendly way to connect.